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Southern Strokes Email Blast

An Email newsletter blast I designed and coded for JHI Media’s Southern Strokes. You can read more about the design and the coding here. Connect with Antoine Reid on Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn Advertisements

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Tips for Young Creatives: Know Thy Self

Continuing with the Doug Bartow “29 Tips for Young Designers” article in How’s January 2011 issue is tip 5: be yourself. I’ve tweaked it a tad bit to “know thy self” and am not in full agreement with Bartow on … Continue reading

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Should Web Designers Also Be Web Developers?

I’m still engrossed in my search for a new job. It’s an interesting experience considering I started working at my last gig weeks after graduating from university and didn’t spend much time at all having to search for a job. … Continue reading

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Pro Bono … or is it?

Do you freelance? Do your friends, family or colleagues call upon you to use your creative skill set to help them? Should you give away your work or talent for free? Read this article and ask yourself “What would J.R. … Continue reading

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6 Cheap Self-Promotion Ideas for Creatives

I recently picked up How magazine’s latest issue that’s all about self-promotion. I was looking forward to some inspiration because self promotion is an area of interest of mine and if you’re in a creative field including (but not limited … Continue reading

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How to Pimp Your Facebook Fan Page (Using FBML)

Many businesses, music artists, television shows, celebrities and even creative types now have Facebook fan pages. The problem? Not many of them are customized and look like any other Facebook profile. It’s time to stand apart from the crowd and … Continue reading

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