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Tips for Young Creatives: Know Thy Self

Continuing with the Doug Bartow “29 Tips for Young Designers” article in How’s January 2011 issue is tip 5: be yourself. I’ve tweaked it a tad bit to “know thy self” and am not in full agreement with Bartow on … Continue reading

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Tips For Young Creatives: Who do you think you’re talking to?

Continuing on with the commentary about How magazine’s recent 29 Tips for Young Designers article by Doug Bartow, we’re on to the fourth tip: define your audience. I’ve worked with a lot of designers; I’ve worked within a company setting … Continue reading

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Tips for Young Creatives: What’s Your Type?

Have you ever been asked, “What’s your type?” If so, it’s probably been in reference to the type of guy or girl you’re into and not in reference to typography. One of Dough Bartow’s 29 tips for young designers in … Continue reading

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Tips for Young Creatives: Be Careful of the Bridges You Burn

A couple days ago I mentioned the article by Doug Bartow in the January 2011 issue of How magazine on tips for young designers. While the article may have been geared toward those in the graphic design field I believe … Continue reading

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Tips for Young Creatives: Why Successful Designers are Great Communicators

I’ve been going through the January issue of How magazine and came across a great article where Doug Bartow, the principal and design director at id29 in Troy, NY, offered 29 tips for young designers. I graduated back in May … Continue reading

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The Tomato Lady Logo Design

Here’s a recent logo design I did for a client based in Greensboro, North Carolina: “Like” Antoine Reid Designs on Facebook Follow me on Twitter @antoinereid LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/antoinedreid Visit my Web site http://www.antoinereid.com/contact.html

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Tutorial: 3D Grassy/Earthy Effect In Photoshop

I don’t know about you but as a designer, I’ve realized over time how little I was formally taught about programs like Illustrator and Photoshop in college. When it comes to designing, I enjoy keeping things simple and using the … Continue reading

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