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Embrace The “Dislike”

When it comes to designing, everyone has something they really enjoy doing. For some, it’s illustrating; others it’s Photoshop special effects; some really enjoy storyboarding while others like print design. But … what is it that you don’t like to … Continue reading

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Imitation Design

Where do you draw your inspiration from? When does inspiration and imitation go from an extreme form of flattery to a blatant rip-off? If you’re into pop music, you may follow or at least be aware of the ongoing “feud” … Continue reading

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Tips for Young Creatives: Know Thy Self

Continuing with the Doug Bartow “29 Tips for Young Designers” article in How’s January 2011 issue is tip 5: be yourself. I’ve tweaked it a tad bit to “know thy self” and am not in full agreement with Bartow on … Continue reading

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Richard Brown Show Interview

I was on The Richard Brown TV Show this past week. We discussed my design process, issues I’ve encountered in today’s work force and how I’ve seen the economy change how we create art or do our creative work. Check … Continue reading

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