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5 Tips for Avoiding Bad Freelance Jobs

Here are some Facebook vectors/icons for you to download and use however you’d like. I created these icons for NuVision Marketers, a group that also goes by Hype Media (both are based out of Miami, FL). They failed to pay … Continue reading

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Why “One Size Fits All” Design and Marketing Fails

Like many creative types, I have to rely on freelancing to supplement or at times support me financially. That means I have to market myself. I’ve become more comfortable with marketing and promoting myself over the years. Each year I … Continue reading

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Being An Effective Creative Manager, Boss, Leader

With graphic designers, photographers and other creative professionals facing layoffs and cuts in today’s job market, one has to ask or wonder – what gives? Some will say that technology and the digital age is rendering certain workers extinct. Then … Continue reading

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Why are creative professionals afraid of money?

Are you afraid of money? It probably sounds like a really silly question. Afraid of money? Heck no! We love money, we love spending money, we love having money. Still, I find that many creative professionals – graphic designers, artists, … Continue reading

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Photoshop Tutorial: Realistic Paint Effect

Let’s face it – we all can’t be Van Gogh, Matisse or even a Picasso. People tend to like Photoshop because it enables you to fake your artistic skills. If you aren’t a painter or all that artistically inclined, it’s … Continue reading

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Pro Bono … or is it?

Do you freelance? Do your friends, family or colleagues call upon you to use your creative skill set to help them? Should you give away your work or talent for free? Read this article and ask yourself “What would J.R. … Continue reading

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Etiquette for Graphic Designers and Clients

I have to say it and it may be unpopular or a faux pas but since the economy in the U.S. has tanked, so has the cordial relationship between graphic designers and their clients. I came onto the scene a … Continue reading

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