Ingiting the Spark after a Lay-Off

“If you only knew what the future holds – after the hurricane comes a rainbow. Maybe the reason why all the doors are closed so you could you open one that leads you to the perfect road.” — Katy Perry, “Firework”

A couple days ago I posted on how I, like many others these days, received my pink slip/walking papers from my now former place of employment after putting in a good four years, two months worth of service. And I’ve received some nice comments and feedback from people I’ve encountered, gone to school with, have worked with over the years and complete strangers. I’m currently seeking a full-time graphic design position in the Raleigh-Durham, Chapel Hill area of North Carolina and any leads or recommendations you may have, please send them my way! I would greatly appreciate any help as well as general feedback from others similar to me who’ve gotten the axe but have made it through all right.

People seem curious on how I’m remaining calm and collected during this ordeal. The thing is that I was laid off due to the economy like so many others. I didn’t get fired; my design work and contributions to my post and job only continued to increase and improve over the years. I’m glad to have been able to say that I left my position and the work I was doing on a high note. I looked back at the last issue I designed [I worked for a magazine as an art director] and really did feel confident and dare I say proud of the work I did. So really, what is there to be sad or upset over? There were a few things that had been on my mind over the past year or two, including how I’d really gone as far as I could with the job and position I was in, how my salary wasn’t moving but decreasing (a very bad thing indeed), and how I just wasn’t feeling fulfilled with what I was doing. I want to be challenged and am looking forward to a new full-time position that will present new challenges and learning experiences. In other words, I’m keeping my head up and am already hard at work looking for my next opportunity.

I’ve taken this current bad situation and have definitely used it as a chance to improve and recharge. While I’m asking around and searching for a new job, I’ve done a few freelance projects, I’ve given my freelance Facebook page (check out Antoine Reid Designs) a much needed design upgrade, I’ve re-designed my resume, have been going back through my past work and putting it on display and just have kept myself busy, period. For those going through being laid off or finding themselves without work, I encourage you to see it as an opportunity. You’ve been given a great chance to re-invent yourself and take on something new. I have to say, even though I hate not having the financial security that a full-time job brings with it, I do like the promise and expectations of something new and exciting to deal with. I think change is good. With all of the work I’ve done, from building up my social network to simple things like updating my Website and doing some self promotion, I realized that I’d really become too complacent and comfortable. Always be on the lookout for a new opportunity, adventure and take a chance.

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About Antoine

Antoine is a graphic designer and artist currently residing in North Carolina. He has a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication with a concentration in Visual Communication and specializes in graphic design and illustration. He has spent the past six years as a graphic artist for several publications based in North Carolina. He invites you to visit his design and social media blog at
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