Evolution of a Resume

As I embark into a new chapter of my design career I decided to delve back into the resume to give it a refreshing makeover. As you know, the resume of a graphic designer must communicate his or her style and approach to design. It is very similar to the story of the three bears: something too static and ordinary won’t do; something too busy and complicated will confuse and land the resume in the trash bin; a design that’s captivating, clean and balanced however could at least land you an interview. Below are different stages of my resume from stale and boring to my latest version that’s inspired by Miami Art Deco design. The text is slightly askew to bring attention to the resume itself and the written words of the resume have gone from passive descriptions of duties performed to aggressive, action verbs that describe how different stages of my career were impacted by my unique approach to graphic design. Let’s hope the revitalized resume lands me a new full-time position soon!

You can download a PDF version of my latest resume here.


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About Antoine

Antoine is a graphic designer and artist currently residing in North Carolina. He has a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication with a concentration in Visual Communication and specializes in graphic design and illustration. He has spent the past six years as a graphic artist for several publications based in North Carolina. He invites you to visit his design and social media blog at https://antoinereid.wordpress.com.
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3 Responses to Evolution of a Resume

  1. Greetings Antoine, I stumbled across your website/blog via Craigslist your designs are so creative and awesome! This resume will surely land you a full-time job/career keep your head up and continue to be persistent it will definitely pay off. I would wish you good luck, but you do not need it – I am sure many doors will open up for you in the near future. You have a raw talent for graphic design which is priceless.

    Many blessings,

    Latisha Horton

    • Antoine says:

      Thank you! I’m remaining positive and feel like something good is bound to happen soon enough. The job I was laid off from was one that I felt was restricting and that I’d gone as high as I would/could and my salary was stalled – even though it was on the low-end of the scale. I’m putting in a lot of work to find a new full-time position so I know as long as I keep this up, something good is bound to happen.


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